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Our aim has always been, and always will be, to produce some of the finest sparkling wines in the world. As with any successful venture, we are constantly learning, adapting and thinking outside the box. We work tirelessly both in the vineyard and winery and it is this attention to detail that has resulted in the huge success we have achieved so far.

Langham Wine Estate


At the heart of the Langham Estate sits the magnificent Bingham’s Melcombe manor house, Grade I listed and little changed since the reign of Edward VI. Acquired by John Langham in 1980, Bingham’s Melcombe became the centre point for the Langham Agricultural Enterprise, today comprising over 1,000 hectares.

The Langham vineyard was originally established by John Langham on a very small scale. In 2009 John’s son, Justin Langham, decided to develop his father’s rudimental vineyard into a commercial venture, and planted 30 acres of land at their Crawthorne farm.

Langham Wine Estate


With a south-facing aspect, chalk soils and a unique microclimate, Crawthorne vineyard provides the perfect terroir for ripening the classic Champagne varieties – Chardonnay, Pinot noir and Pinot meunier. Established hedgerows provide natural wind breaks and habitat for a large variety of beneficial organisms. Growing our own grapes means we can pick at optimum ripeness, free from the shackles of contract purchasing and resulting in a better quality wine.

We are constantly working towards reducing chemical intervention in the vineyard, employing diligent canopy management executed at specific times. By increasing air flow through the canopy and promoting biological control organisms, the effects of disease are kept to a minimum. All our grapes are handpicked, and rigorous vineyard selection ensures only the highest quality grapes arrive at the winery.

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Housed in a characterful old barn, the winery provides the perfect fusion of old and new. With a selection of temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks and used French barriques, we have all the tools required to produce exceptional wines. With the winery located within metres of the vineyard, the grapes that are so carefully nurtured throughout the year are picked and processed within a few hours, avoiding the need to transport the grapes and risk compromising the quality.

Daniel Ham - Langham Wine Estates
Langham Winemaker


Daniel Ham, Winemaker

Whilst working as a marine biologist in New Zealand, Daniel developed a taste for fine wine and decided to retrain as a winemaker. Having completed a Viticulture & Oenology degree at Plumpton College, graduating with Distinction and being awarded the Top Student Award, Daniel spent several years gaining valuable experience both in the UK and abroad. Daniel oversees all aspects of the wine production process and although a scientist at heart, he believes the best wines are those that are subject to the least manipulation.

Justin Langham, Director

Justin has always had a passion for wine, and in 2009 decided to make his dream a reality by planting a 30 acre vineyard site at Crawthorne Farm. Before planting the vineyard, Justin toured many of the world’s most venerable wine regions and studied viticulture at Plumpton College. The combination of these experiences gave Justin the foundations for establishing a world-class wine estate. Despite having numerous other business commitments, you will often find Justin rolling up his sleeves and helping to load the press or drive the tractor.