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Langham Wine Estate released the first kegs of a Col Fondo wine in keg in May 2021.

In a bid to encourage more people to drink English sparkling wine at an affordable price, head winemaker Tommy Grimshaw decided to try producing a unique Col Fondo wine where the second fermentation has taken place in the keg as opposed to the tank or bottle.

Col Fondo translates from Italian to mean “with the bottom”. Before the method of making prosecco with the 2nd
fermentation in a stainless-steel tank was invented in the 19th century, the second ferment took place in the bottle
with the lees remaining in there. This process creates a cloudy, lightly sparkling, or frizzante, wine.

Made to the same exacting standards of our other award-winning English sparkling wines, Zig Zag is a blend of 50% Madeleine Angevine and 50% Chardonnay and is sold in 20 litre kegs to bars, restaurants and festivals to be served by the glass.

Tommy believes that this is a first for a UK wine producer, when he approached Key Kegs to see if anyone had done this before, they couldn’t think of any examples.

“I was in a pub and saw Prosecco on tap and thought, I wonder if I could get a second fermentation to happen in keg; so I did a trial of three kegs and it worked!” says Tommy, adding: “I also wanted to create something that has the same care and focus on quality that applies to all of our wines. We think this is a way of making English wine fun and a little more accessible from a pricing perspective.”

Tommy with the first trial kegs in 2020

The name Zig Zag comes from a chalk strata over which Langham’s vineyards are situated, as are the estate’s two Classic Cuvées – Corallian and Culver.

Zig Zag by Langham Wine uses KeyKeg environmentally friendly technology.

Where can people drink it?

The white zig zag is currently pouring at:

Dorset Wine Company in Poundbury
Terroir Tapas in Southbourne
The Bottle in Newquay have both the Rosé & White.
Lilac in Lyme Regis, recently opened by chef Harriet Mansell who already has her own restaurant,
Robin Wylde, in Lyme Regis