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Now in its 18th year, Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA) is the world's largest and most influential wine competition, with unrivalled global reach. Judged by the top wine experts from around the globe, DWWA is trusted internationally for its rigorous judging process.

On Wednesday 7th July Decanter announced the results of their World Wine Awards. This year we entered our “Core Range”; Culver, Corallian and Rosé. We’re delighted to say that all 3 of them were awarded a silver medal at this prestigious competition!

A little about The Core Range at Langham Wine Estate

These wines will be produced year on year and will more often than not be produced as Non-Vintage wines . A non-vintage wine means that it is made from a blend of base wines from a number of years. Major champagne houses will produce a large percentage of their wines as non-vintage, and only release a small amount of exceptional vintage releases. When you take a trip down memory lane and pick up a bottle of fizz that you had at your 21st birthday in the shop, you probably want to know that it’s going to taste similar to what you remember. Non-vintage releases help to maintain this consistency of flavour across the years.
By making our core range non-vintage, our consumers know what flavour profiles to expect from each of these three wines year on year. Furthermore, having the option to tap into reserve wine also allows for those years when the harvest might offer a slightly lower yield than others; we are dealing with mother nature and her fickle ways after all.

Corallian Classic Cuvée
This is our Chardonnay dominant cuvée. The flavours that our wine team are looking for when blending the Corallian include crisp apple, a lovely salinity, and fresh lemon citrus.

What the Decanter Judges thought:
“Stalky, green apple aromatics. Crisp on the palate with weight and depth. Frothy mousse, lively acidity and persistent finish.”

DWWA 2021
Culver Classic Cuvée
Our Pinot Noir dominant cuvée has a slightly fuller mouthfeel. With the Culver, our winemaker looks for a hint of red fruit, perhaps some baked pink lady apple notes, and a hint of raspberry yoghurt.

What the Decanter Judges thought:
“Green apple aromas, and cinnamon-sprinkled red apple flavours. Complex palate with piercing acidity. Very dry finish.”

DWWA 2021
We’re serious about Rosé at Langham! Too often rosé is just thought of as a summery party drink, but we put equal care and attention into every wine that comes out of our winery. Our Rosé is dry, like all our wines, coupled with a stunning fruity punch as soon as you put your nose to the glass. There is also a complexity on the palate, which we aim to showcase in all Langham products. We get notes of cranberry, rhubarb and cherry, with a delicious citrus acidity.

What the Decanter Judges thought:
“Delicate red fruits on the nose with a touch of cream. Compact palate with a gentle texture, good acids and toasty complexity.”

DWWA 2021

We hope that you have managed to try this delicious trio, there’s something for all palates and all occasions!