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We all love to enjoy wine & food together, so here at Langham we’ve been exploring some delicious combinations that you can try at home.

Head Winemaker Tommy Grimshaw is joined by Theo Gibson in these two videos to give you some tips on what you might pair with your bottles of Langham wine.

To make a meal to celebrate the arrival of Spring the boys started with a bit of foraging and some lamb. Theo & Tommy gathered some local wild garlic to make a fresh salsa verde and paired it with some grilled lamb alongside two of our Sparkling Wines; our Corallian as a refreshing aperitif, and our Col Fondo to enjoy with the lamb.

Our second video invites you to get creative in the kitchen again and make your own goats cheese, as well as an update from Tommy on how things are progressing in the vineyard.

The inspiration for this video came from work we’ve been doing this week with a neighbouring farmer, Richard Hasket, who milks goats. He has helped us on our farm at harvest time in the past and he came to us recently as his buyer for his milk has had to close down as they supplied restaurants. This was his main source of income and for a small one man goat farmer was totally disastrous. Luckily through a lot of hard work he managed to find a buyer in Poole who supplies bottled goats milk to the pet trade and will actually pay considerably more for it than when it was going for human consumption! The only trouble is that it had to be bottled rather than supplied in bulk. This is where we managed to help by lending him our small bottling machine. In return Richard has given us some of his fresh goat’s milk, which we have put to good use as you can see in the video below.

This creamy goats cheese is a perfect match with our new release still Rosé. We’d love our customers to get involved and make some of their own cheese at home, so if you give either of these recipes a go, let us know!

Spring Menu
Make your own goats cheese
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