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Wine writer and columnist Henry Jeffreys will publish his book on English wine – Vines in a Cold Climate: The People Behind the English Wine Revolution – this August.

In an article published in Drinks Retailing News in May, Henry admits before he began his research for his book he had a view that English wine was well made but rarely thrilling. A year on, he confesses he couldn’t be more wrong.

We were delighted to welcome Henry to Langham last summer and he says in the article “Langham Wine Estate exemplifies the spirit of restless creativity”. Henry goes on to say the winery has been a breeding ground for some of the country’s most innovative talents including our winemaker Tommy Grimshaw.

“Grimshaw’s philosophy is inspired by cult producers of grower Champagnes such as Frank Pascal, starting in the vineyard with very ripe grapes. Most years he doesn’t chaptalize, there’s minimal sulphur use and the juice is allowed to brown before fermentation in oak barrels.”

“You can taste the dedication in the wines they’re rich and full of flavour, miles away from the lean, leafy English wine cliché,” he says, adding: “The most distinctive is a 100% Pinot Meunier that changes in the glass, showing notes of hazelnut and palo cortado sherry.”

Vines in a Cold Climate: The People Behind the English Wine Revolution is the story of how a small group of determined people transformed English wine from the butt of jokes to world class in 30 years. The book will be published on 3rd August. To pre-order a copy click here.